Dr. Pets Dog food Roasted chicken & Liver 85g


Roasted chicken & Liver Flavors Are Crunchy, Nutritious that is perfect for Daily Dog  and Puppy Training and Snacking between meals. Bistik offers Delicious Taste of Real Chicken with No Artificial Flavors Added.

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  • Roasted chicken & Liver Mix Flavors by Dr.Pets are the perfect treats for your furry friend. These tasty and Bite Size Biscuits are well-balanced, and ideal for any breed of dogs.
  • Roasted chicken & Liver Mix Flavors Gluten free biscuits have many health benefits, including healthy Stomach and gut, Better growth of Coat and Hair, helps build immunity and keeps Skin rashes away.
  • Made with Real Chicken and a mix of Natural ingredients, these bite size biscuits are ideal for Dog training or as a snack in between meals.

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